Be Your Animals Everything

We just started out fostering animals. This webpage will be updated weekly. If you have a specific breed in mind you can contact us on Facebook and we can keep an eye out and get them adopted through us. Thank you for your patience.


Be United

Below are our current adoptable animals. If someone speaks to you, please message us to set up a meet and greet! If not, you can still message us the companion you are searching for and we will do our best to reach wider to find them.

Brutus and Squeaky

Orange Tabby and Calico

Squeaky is the beautiful Calico. She is about 8 years old. Her friend Brutus is the 10 year old orange tabby. They are friends but are not particularly bonded so they are able to be adopted separately.
Both Brutus and Squeaky are friendly cats that ended up in the shelter due to their owner moving. They have lived as indoor/outdoor cats.
They are altered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and have been given a vet exam.



Staffordshire Terrier

Thor is a great dog! He is the perfect mix of goof and cuddles. Thor loves to play and is great with other dogs. Thor is about 7 year old, neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. He is mellow and always happy!


Standard Poodle mix

Thor is a very friendly fluffy guy. He does well with other dogs and kids. Thor loves to play but is also good at relaxing by your side. He loves to run, including out the door and down the street when given the chance. Because of this we suggest a home with no children for Thor. He also can get overexcited and become mouthy trying to wrestle with new people, especially when he is running free. He  also loves little animals, like cats, but also thinks its fun to chase them. 

Titus is almost 2 years old and still full of puppy excitement and adventure!